Polgarus Games mirroring D6 OGL files

While it didn’t get a huge amount of attention in the RPG world, around the middle of last year Eric Gibson of West End Games very generously released the current D6 System using the OGL. By itself this didn’t really mean a lot for most gamers, but for publishers it was a huge deal – they were now free to use the D6 System in their own products at no cost, and without having to sign any license agreements with West End Games. (Polgarus Games will be taking advantage of this).

However Eric went one step further – in a huge move of generosity Eric made the currently published books freely available for download. The files were hosted on just the West End Games site, but with their site having server problems over the last few days several sites (including Polgarus Games) have stepped up to mirror the files. All the files are listed on the Downloads page, but are also listed below for convenience:


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